Tuesday 12 May 2020

Been Made Redundant? Starting A Cleaning Franchise Could Be Your Next Rewarding & Profitable Career Move!

Redundancy is an intense worry at any time of life, and especially so during times of economic uncertainty, when job opportunities may be limited and competition high. Investing in a cleaning franchise could be the ideal career move if you’ve been made redundant, or simply want a higher income, or a better work/life balance.

You don’t have to have a huge amount of money to invest in a franchise business, there are plenty of low cost cleaning franchise opportunities available with an established business model and a proven record of success. Oven Wizards are a top tier oven cleaning franchise with franchisees across the UK and an extensive support network to guide our franchisees to success in their local area.

In this article we address the question ‘how much does an oven cleaning franchise cost?’ and explore some of the things to look for when starting a cleaning franchise business.


Redundancy & Work Flexibility

The traditional choices following redundancy are to seek out another, similar role in your industry, retrain for a new career, or set up your own business. Each option is fraught with risk and difficulty, and not everyone relishes being chained to the rat race again so soon after redundancy.
Starting a cleaning franchise bypasses these options by providing you with a flexible business opportunity that fits around your career plans. There is no ceiling to how far you wish to develop your franchise business. You may wish to work the franchise as a sole trader or you could develop your franchise business into a multiple unit operation that brings in a very significant income. The choice is yours and the way you work your franchise may change over time. The important thing is the flexibility it gives you to respond to your work/life needs and scale up as your priorities change.

What To Look For

What are the characteristics you should look for in a cleaning franchise?


As there are so many to choose from, we strongly recommend shopping around and doing your research before investing in a franchise opportunity. All reputable and established cleaning franchise businesses will provide plenty of information to help potential investors come to the right decision. This material should be provided for free and be easy to access by download or post. Have a chat with the business owner of the franchise business by phone and ensure all your questions are answered to your satisfaction.


A franchise worth its salt will already be making franchisees money across the country, and will be providing a great service to end-users. Testimonials from happy customers – e.g. people who have had their ovens cleaned by one of our Oven Wizards representatives, and testimonials from successful franchisees should, therefore, be readily available. A successful franchise business will be more than happy to provide the testimonials and case studies you need to assess the value of the investment in your own circumstances.

A Business Model That Works

The franchise business model should make sense and fulfil a genuine market need. A good franchise will be happy to share their findings and explain the demand for their services in your area, so you can gauge your potential returns and income level.

British Franchise Association (BFA) Membership

The BFA is the UK’s regulatory and governing association for franchise businesses, and promotes strict codes of ethical business practice for all franchise businesses. Make sure any opportunity you are considering is an established BFA member and adheres to their codes of conduct for licensing, transparency, standards of training, payments to franchisees and value for money.

What About The Money?

Like any new business, starting a franchise business involves some financial investment. The amount of money you need varies considerably from opportunity to opportunity, with some franchises requiring investors to put up £100,000 or more in advance. A large investment like this will take several years (at least) before you see a return on investment. At Oven Wizards we set a low investment benchmark of £12,500 +VAT which includes all the equipment, training and marketing materials you need to become fully established in your area.

You will also need your own vehicle, which franchisees may purchase through our Citroen partnership at a preferential rate – with a deposit of around £2,000. This sum is often covered by the redundancy/severance package in many cases, avoiding the need to dip into savings and investment capital.

Find Out More

To start your new career as part of our UK-wide network of oven cleaning professionals, simply get in touch to request an information pack. With low costs and fast setup time, we can have your business up and running and making you money within weeks. Call today to find out more. 

Image source: Pixabay