Wednesday 6 May 2020

Running An Oven Cleaning Franchise Could Give You A Fantastic Work/Life Balance Opportunity!

Stuck in a dead-end job, bored of your current career, or struggling to find enough time in your life for the things that really matter? An oven cleaning franchise may be the ideal career and business investment choice for you, for many reasons. In this article we explain why oven cleaning is one of the best home-based franchise opportunities, and how it can help you achieve financial security and a fantastic work/life balance.

1) No Commuting

One of the worst things about working full-time for someone else can be the commute: hours of unpaid time wasted every day that could be spent working, with your family, or just enjoying yourself. It’s expensive too, especially for people who have to spend long hours in the car, or travelling into and out of major cities by train.

Running an oven cleaning franchise eliminates your commute to a central office, as you’ll be based from your home address. This ensures all the time you spend at work is genuine productive time. You’ll need to travel out to your client’s houses and businesses, of course, but the way our territories work means these will always be within your local area, reducing travel time between jobs and allowing you to make more money by taking on more assignments per working day.

2) Manage Your Time

When you work for someone else, that employer controls your time. This means having to slog away at tasks regardless of how tired and unmotivated you’re feeling, and whatever else you’d like to be doing. Running your own franchise business places you in control of your own time. You’ll be free to work during your most productive times. Morning person? Evening person? You decide what works best for you. You’ll also be free to fit your work around other important tasks, such as your Wednesday morning yoga class, or spending time with your kids after school.

3) Take On Multiple Jobs, Hobbies Or Projects

Unlike many employers who consider second jobs and extracurricular activities to be a conflict of interest, we actively encourage our franchisees to take on multiple projects and interests. As you determine the hours you spend on your oven cleaning franchise, you can easily fit it around a part-time job, full-time responsibilities as a parent, or a fun hobby or side project.

4) Lower Childcare Costs

Minimise the money you spend on childcare AND spend more quality time with your kids by targeting your working hours to times that suit your family. The beauty of an oven cleaning franchise is that jobs can be taken on at any time – including school hours, evenings or weekends, and lower childcare costs mean more money in your pocket at the end of the month.

5) Low Operating Costs

Once you’re up and running, your Oven Wizards franchise has remarkably low operating costs, making it one of the most affordable home cleaning franchise opportunities. Over the past 16 years we have established supplier relationships that give our franchisees access to premium cleaning products and equipment at competitive wholesale prices. Your low overheads give you an impressive profit margin per job, and all your business expenses can be claimed back against your tax liabilities.

6) Take Time Off Whenever You Want

Why work Monday to Friday, 9-5 if you don’t want to? If you want to take days off during the week to attend an event or simply unwind, then do it. You don’t have to book holidays months in advance or get someone else’s permission to take time off. Structure your working week as you choose, and fit in your jobs to accommodate the important things in life – i.e. time spent on yourself, your friends, and your loved ones.

7) Reduced Stress

With fewer deadlines, lower childcare and commuting costs, and greater control over your working life, comes reduced stress and better health. Many of our franchisees report higher levels of energy and motivation, with more time to exercise and eat healthily, and improved overall happiness levels.

Next Steps

Our franchisees are people of all ages and backgrounds. Most franchisees run their franchise as a full-time business, but others choose to run it on a part-time basis, balancing work with parental or care responsibilities, education, a second job, or semi-retirement. Investing in an oven cleaning franchise gives you an incredibly flexible opportunity to enjoy more time with your kids, build up your savings, enjoy a second income, go back to uni, or take up a hobby.

To find out more about our oven cleaning franchise opportunities, have a chat with one of us today. We provide all the training and equipment you need to get your business started straight away, combined with market-leading ongoing support from our experienced cleaning franchise management team. Download our free franchise pack for moreinformation.

Image source: Pixabay