Sunday 3 November 2019

What’s been cooking at the Oven Wizards Annual Conference?

Oven Wizards got together last month for their Annual Conference in Warwick.
The Annual Conference together with the Regional Meetings are a great Opportunity for Wizards to get together face to face to build relationships, share best practice and enjoy themselves in a relaxed atmosphere. The day included the business meeting in the afternoon and the social event with entertainment in the evening.
Lee Adamson, Oven Wizards Crawley, said – “We had a good time and I personally learned information that would have taken me years to learn otherwise”
Rob Radford, Oven Wizards, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Borders said - “Great Conference thanks for your input everyone”

Subjects covered on the day included Operations, Sales and Service, with delegates getting fully involved and leading various sessions.
Mark Fitch, Oven Wizards Fleet and Farnborough, said - “Great Conference, great people, thanks to everyone.”

James Booker, Oven Wizards Maidstone, said - “Really great Conference, and as always nice to catch up with everyone and meet new Wizards”

Mark Abbott, Managing Director said “It was great to see our Wizards getting together again, it’s really good to hear how well they are all doing in their chosen Territories”
He went on to say, “We had Wizards coming together from all over the UK, including Scotland and Wales. Whilst we are now getting good National coverage, we still have Territories available for the right sort of people”.

Patrick Feerick, Oven Wizards, Central Bedfordshire and North Hertfordshire said - “Conference is a great opportunity to get guidance from the group on trends, equipment, products and method etc. As well as an entertaining day under the hospitality of John and Mark”
To find out more call John on 07590 536425 or Mark on 01367 850162 and they will be happy to discuss this outstanding business opportunity and answer any questions that you may have, or visit our website at