Friday 18 September 2015

Phil’s great reputation means that people will travel miles to book his oven cleaning services!

Phil Bateman and his wife Jill were at Tesco’s Havant this week promoting their Oven Wizards, oven cleaning business.

Phil was really pleased with the results, he said “My diary is now nearly fully booked until the 2nd week of October. I have also taken several Christmas bookings which is great news. One elderly lady made me laugh, she travelled 15 miles on 2 busses just in order to book her oven clean. She then went and had a cup of tea before getting back on the bus to travel home again. Amazing!!!!!”

John Graham, Managing Director, Oven Wizards said “Phil and Jill are achieving great results with their Oven Wizards business in our West Sussex Territory, they have been very busy since they started back in February. Phil was keen to test the water in an area of his Territory that he hadn’t needed to go to that often, because he has been very busy in and around Chichester.It is great to see how successful he is after a relatively short period of time with Oven Wizards”

Phil concluded by saying “I’m a little gobsmacked by the response of customers who have sought me out because of mine and Oven Wizards reputation. Fantastic really!”.

If you would like to join Phil and become the next Oven Wizard, and benefit from the “hands on support” of the business owners, please feel free to call us for an informal chat on 01367 850162, or visit our website at

PHIL B at tescos